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Leaving his own legacy in off-road racing.

Lucas Oil Regional - Round 5

Saturday, August 4

Pro Open

Glen Helen Raceway



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John Gable is a pioneer in the sport of off-road racing

Our Mission

Vast Racing with Passion

Gable Racing Statement: “We bring professionalism, integrity, quality, and most of all fun to every race all the while staying true to the family-oriented grassroots environment that off-road racing is all about.“


Gable Racing strives to maintain a professional racing environment with emphasis on safety and fairness and deliver a memorable motorsports experience.


The Objective that identifies Us:


Our team is knowledgeable on the rules and regulations of the racing industry.  We actively research, share, adapt and implement new products and modifications to protect the integrity and safety of racing. Gable Racing retains and develops a team of employees that embrace our visions and ethics.


Gable Racing Continues to seek the optimum exposure for sponsors and advertising associates by implementing an onward-thinking approach. Gable Racing conducts business in a respectful, honorable and forthright approach that underlines teamwork.

Gable Racing presents a supportive and positive role model and acts as a guide in the sport to advocate the traditions of the racing industry. 

Ever since Yamaha motorcyles told John Gable's mother that he could do things on a bike "that they'd never seen before," he was off and running. For John, the running has been long and hard, and he has chosen to do his best work away from the legacy of his famous dad. Far from the glare of celebrity, John Gable has been creating a legacy of his own making. He works where the sun always shines. He races even though the dust always flies. He has raced against racing's best drivers. He wins a lot but not all the time. In the game of life, however, he wins every time because he loves the thrill of competition and simply doing what he does best. Driving fast. Driving really frickin fast. His race is way off the beaten path but John Gable has created a legacy of his own, helping develop the sport of off-road racing to one of the fastest growing competitions in the world today. 

Hollywood loved Clark Gable. Gable of course, loved acting, loved the movies but also he loved racing. The "King of Hollywood" loved racing so much he even starred in a racing film, "To Please A Lady," released by MGM Studios. The son he never met, John Clark, is carrying on his racing legacy.


A love of racing

passed from

father to son.


Screen Legend William Clark Gable was every bit the "King of Hollywood" but he also had a passion for fast cars with big engines and everyone knew it. While he was best known as the "King of Hollywood", his own need for speed and love of racing led to his being named the Grand Marshall of the Indianapolis 500 in 1950.

John Clark Gable also found a passion for being in the driver's seat. Though he reveres his father's career and has acted himself, he soon discovered his need for speed and a love for racing. Since then, John has raced the same number of times that his dad starred in films and he is finally at the pinnacle of his success in off-road and desert racing known as the "Dezert Knight".

William Clark Gable

John Clark Gable

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